Top Ten Books Doctors Enjoy Reading

10. How To Turn a Lung Transplant Into a Vacation Home

9. Your Waiting Room's a Financial Bonanza: The Simple Use of Vending Machines & Pay-Per-View TV

8. All the Things that 9 out of 10 of Us Recommend

7. Chicken Scratch: How to Not Only Write it, But Speak It

6. There's Big Money in Second Opinions

5. "Cat Scans to Bed-Pans" -- The novel that finally puts some humor into diseases.

4. Bedside Jokes to Tell the Chronically Sick

3. Recurring Revenue: Getting Your Share of the Hypochondriac Market!

2. How to Convince a Patient That He or She Needs the Entire Battery Available Diagnostic Tests

1. 101 Places to Buy 6-Year-Old Magazines For Your Waiting Room

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