Testy Examination

A few years ago, an examination was given to three mental patients. If they passed the exam, they were free to leave the institution and do whatever they wanted. If they failed, however, they were doomed to remain at the institution for seven more years.

On the day of the examination, the head doctor took the three mental patients to the institution's swimming pool, which had been drained of all water specifically for the exam. The doctor led the three patients to the top of the highest diving board, then asked the first patient to jump. The first patient immediately leapt head-first into the pool, crushing the bones in both his arms.

The head doctor shook his head. He then asked the second patient to jump. The second patient was a little hesitant at first, after seeing the excruciating pain the first patient was in, but in the end, he too jumped. He landed on his feet, breaking every bone in both his legs.

The head doctor again shook his head, and started questioning his skill as a doctor. But when he asked the third patient to jump and the patient refused, he was filled with hope and joy. "Congratulations!" the doctor shouted, "You passed! I am so proud of you. But tell me, because I must know, what made you not jump?"

The patient looked down into the empty swimming pool, then back at the doctor. "Well Doc," he said, "I don't know how to swim."

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Author: The Buffoon May 20, 2007
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