the Doctor, the priest and the lawyer

A man worth 3 milliom Dollars was about to die. He called a Doctor, a Priest and a Lawyer to his dying bed, divided the money equally amongst them and told them to bury him with all the money. some years after the burial, the 3 of them met and asked wot each did with the money
The Doctor: After removing my medical fee, i buried the rest of the money with him.
The Priest: I only put 10 000 Dollars in the coffin...burying such money! that's a waste... it was used for more profitable causes like charity.
The Lawyer: I did exactly as he said and buried the full amount he gave to me.
The other two, not bliving him asked how he did it and he said..."i wrote the full amount in cheque, put it in an envelop and placed it right beside him in his coffin.

I Laughed
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