All In A Day's Work

by CMauroC

I was working for a company located in a warehouse and each desk was separated by partitions. There was only one his/her bathroom which was visible from mostly everyone's desk.

One time, I just had to go and after I had finished I went to pull the toilet paper off the roll and out came a brown recluse spider! It jumped across my hand and landed at my feet.

Well, I screamed and ran out of the bathroom, and then the office, just freaking out with my pants around my ankles!

When I had finally calmed down I looked at my co-workers, who were, of course, looking at me. I was uttterly speechless aside from one word...I just simply said, "Spider" and went into the men's side of the bathroom to finish my business.

Not joking...I quit the very next day.

I Laughed
Author: The Idiot Aug 7, 2007
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