Your Cover Letter Is You!

By Mario Churchill

You might have been thinking how some executives and CEOs started their own cover letters? Can you really foresee someone’s possible position and achievement through their cover letters? These might be the questions lingering in the minds of fresh graduates. Well this I can tell you, they just had the proficiency to market themselves appropriately. I have been wondering why most colleges never even spent some time teaching their soon-to-be graduates the capability to write their cover letters? They taught you lots of craps which you might not be able to use entirely as you venture in the professional world. It’s such a shame that they forgot one of the most significant letters in the world that might eventually lead you to your success.

As previously mentioned, cover letters mainly contain a somewhat “self-marketing” of the applicant to his probable employer. Even though you are not applying for a related position you should understand that cover letters function that way. This marketing thingy is what would assist you to be one with them, but from here I'm going to warn you that marketing is way too different from exaggeration. There maybe a thin line but still the two concepts are distinct from one another. Marketing yourself through your cover letter means that you present your capabilities and yourself in such a manner that you would be able to stir up the interest of your employer. This is most probably the area wherein most applicants fail, and this is just where you need to excel. Whereas exaggeration would be equated to mere packs of lies which you can’t really offer the company.

Whether you believe me or not your cover letter is much like a mirror reflecting who you really are. Putting yourself in the shoes of your employer, you don’t want someone imperfect for a position to be hired, and that’s exactly what I am aiming for you to avoid. You don’t need to fool anyone and pretend to be well-informed; you just have to be able to convey clearly your intent for their company and how functional you could possibly be for them.

An effective cover letter for you

It won’t be too much to ask if you’d obligate yourself to make inquiries regarding the background of your potential company. A brief history of their company, the progress or expansion they have made for the past months. Trust me; this would be very useful for you in the long run of your application. Not to mention that the details which you would acquire could also be used for your letter. So how does this help you? Simply, it would give a picture of your awareness and sheer interest with their company.

In addition to your research, it would be better for you to know to whom you’d address your letter. This mere action would display persistence and a sense of professionalism as it demonstrates your willingness to go further just to obtain the job.

Be sure that your cover letter is just an introduction; it need not be an essay to which you narrate your whole life story. Being concise and professional enough as you write your cover letter is very important. You need to mention in the cover letter how you got a hold of the job opening and some highlights of your abilities which are related to the position you are eying for. As you finish your cover letter, make sure to proofread it for errors.

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