Will Pilates Make A Difference For You?

By Anita Pilates

Pilates is a method of exercise invented by Joseph Pilates. The exercises are meant to stretch, strengthen, lengthen, and balance the body. When Joseph Pilates invented this system of exercises, he called it, "Contrology". In 1926, Joseph Pilates brought Contrology to America.

The focus areas of this exercise program were symmetry of posture, better breathing control, abdominal strength, spinal, pelvic, and shoulder stabilization, muscular flexibility, and joint mobility. The training will help you stay fit with Pilates exercises as the upper and lower portions of the torso are strengthened.

Almost anyone can do the Pilates exercises and achieve good results. Unlike other means of exercise, there is no excessive stress on the body. Moreover, the Pilates exercises do not need any special and expensive equipment. There is of course equipment to aid in the exercises but it is not fundamental to the Pilates method. You can do the Pilates workout no matter where you are and whenever you want. The average Pilates exercise routine will last for about ten minutes.

People who are diligent and consistent in their Pilates exercise enjoy many health benefits. Most noticeable is the increase in lung capacity and circulation due to the deep and controlled breathing that is part of the program. There is also a significant increase in the abdomen and back muscles leading to better posture.

The important thing about the Pilates exercises is that they improve the coordination between muscle control and breathing control. In some cases, it was even noticed that the Pilates exercises improve bone density and joint health.

People who are not in good shape and looking for an exercise program should consider Pilates. It is very easy to start out with and can also be very relaxing and rehabilitative. It is different from other exercises in that you do not feel the physical stress or pains like other workouts. You can do your exercises everyday and still feel the benefits of improving your muscles and joints. Most people do not go through their Pilates exercises more than thrice a week.

The movements involved in Pilates exercises are also mentally calming and help your nervous system relax, these lead to several emotional benefits. As your muscles grow longer and stronger, the blood circulation will improve and ordinary stress and tension will disappear. People report that after a Pilates workout they feel calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

With increasing age, the body's balance starts to suffer due to weakening muscles and the loss of nerve center receptivity. While Pilates cannot literally undo the aging process, it can help you to regain a big portion of lost muscle strength. The improved blood circulation will also revitalize deteriorating nerves.

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