Who Wouldn't Want To Work From Home?

By Bob Saville

OK, maybe some of you out there don't like the idea of working at home. But, for many of us, working from home is a fantastic opportunity to set our own schedules, be flexible with our time for family and friends, and it gives us one other major advantage: The ability to determine how much money we make!

That might be the biggest intangible of them all! Wouldn't it be great to be able to walk into a regular office job and inform your boss that you would now be paid based on the amount of work you actually do (assuming you DO work at your office job) - and that you now determined your salary - not them? I think that is the BEST part about working from home.

There are a few distinct advantages, and here are three:

1.) Time is not a factor - You aren't punching a clock anymore. And depending on the type of work you choose to do from home - you could still be making money around the clock. Or you can make money when you choose, doing something that you enjoy doing. The underlying thing here is that YOU get to decide when you do the work - not a boss, or worse yet, an impersonal clock.

2.) The comforts of home - This is a great reason for working at home - the simple fact that it is your home! You have your coffee pot and you know how you like the coffee; breakfast comes whenever you want it; your computer has a nice screen, works well, and your chair is comfortable. The key word is home. This is where we are most comfortable. Again, I ask the question, who wouldn't want to work from home?

3.) Do the work you want - OK, how many of you are doing work that you enjoy, and being paid appropriately for it? I would guess that if you are looking at an article about working from home, then it's been on your mind more than just this once. When you work at home, you get to do the work that you want. I have been working from home for over three years now and I have enjoyed it so much, now the work I want to do is to show others, like yourself how you can do it, too.

A majority of people in the workforce are dissatisfied with the work they are doing and would love to do want they wanted. Working from home affords you the opportunity to do what you want - completing surveys, freelance writing, an Internet business, making and selling crafts - it doesn't matter! That is the wonderful thing about working at home - you can do whatever you want.

I haven't even scratched the surface of what can be accomplished and all of the benefits of working from home. You are comfortable, time is not a factor and you can make as much money as you want - those are just the basics. But, that should be enough to tweak your interest and send you searching a little further into the work at home opportunities out there for you!

Bob Saville has had a great deal of success working from home over the past three years. His website http://www.internetmarketingatoz.com/ helps people find the information they need to start their own successful home business!


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