What To Do When Your Resume Falls Flat

By Heather Eagar

Are you sitting by the phone, twiddling your thumbs, just waiting to get a call about the job you just posted for? Have you been sitting there a really long time? Have your calls gone unreturned? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your resume.

Please – no sighing allowed. I know you’ve heard it all before and you’re probably really tired of even looking at your resume. Everything is kind of running together to where you don’t know if your resume is up to par or not. That’s why you need…

An Extra Pair of Eyes

Have a friend, parent, heck, even someone off the street look at your resume. Ask them if it makes them want to know more about you, if it makes them in awe of what you have accomplished. Be sure to pick someone who can be objective and who has some business acumen so you can get a clear and accurate assessment.

Unbeknownst to many job seekers, there are professional resume writing services who offer free resume evaluations. No obligation. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some free consultations out there that aren’t worth your time. However, some really go in-depth and can provide some excellent feedback.

You Have to Dig Deep to Find the Gold

So often times job seekers don’t realize all the important achievements in their career. They feel unworthy of anything that really screams, “Yes, I’m perfect for the job!” so they write modestly in a way that doesn’t showcase the goods.

Big mistake.

Employers are begging job seekers to tell them why they need to interview them. The hiring managers definitely don’t want to waste their time looking for a needle in a haystack. End their frustration and give them what they want:

• A resume that has no fluff and instead is filled with concrete facts and figures
• A title so that the hiring manager knows immediately what job you are applying for
• An executive summary that is about how your needs meet their needs; not about what you want
• Achievements that are quantified whenever possible
• Less about what you did but how you did it and the results that came from it

I’m not going to lie – writing a resume that actually grabs the attention of a hiring manager and provides enough proof to garner an interview is not an easy task. That’s why there are professionals out there who do it for a living. However, if you come armed with the knowledge and some writing skill, you’ve all but ensured yourself an increase in job search satisfaction.

A leading expert in the employment search industry, Heather Eagar is passionate about providing working professionals with current, reliable and effective job search tools and information. Check out reviews of the top resume companies in the industry at http://www.ResumeLines.com


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