Unique Wedding Ceremony And Reception Venues

By Bailey Parker Lee

Everyone wants a special wedding day. So why get married at a church like everyone else? Why lunch or dine at a banquet hall or restaurant like every other wedding? For those who want something contemporary to impress the guests, here are some venue location ideas that are tasteful.

Museums and Art Galleries

Many museums and art galleries host events. Some may have a special hall specifically for events and dinner receptions. Such venues are extremely classy and show good taste. What’s more, there is little need to decorate the venue as guests will be surrounded by priceless works of art and artifacts. Most museums and galleries have a sales person who looks after event bookings and more details can be had by contacting this person.

Performance Halls and Theaters

How about getting married on a great stage? The ceremony will be a performance like no other. Live music will sound excellent with the site’s acoustics. Grace the stage that has been home to fabulous performances and wonderful performers. Depending on the city you are in, there can be a variety of theaters and halls to choose from with varying styles from old to modern. Pick something that reflects your style. The architecture provides for wonderful photos.

Golf and Country Clubs

You do not necessarily need to be a member to hold your wedding at golf and country clubs. The scenic backdrop is ideal for photography. Many country clubs host weddings and will have menus for your choice. Consider an outdoor ceremony. If weather calls for rain, things can easily be moved indoors. There is also the convenience of having both the ceremony and reception take place at the same site. Less travel, more time for fun.

Marinas and Yacht Clubs

What’s more romantic than overlooking the water at sunset during dinner?

Boat Cruise Wedding

Take the water idea one step further and try a boat cruise. Set sail and have your ceremony on the upper deck. Then for dinner, go downstairs to the dining gallery of the ship. When it is time for dancing, move things back upstairs and dance under the night sky. This is the closest thing to a destination wedding without leaving the country.

Rooftop Patios

Some restaurants, night clubs, lounges, or special event venues will have a nice rooftop patio. You can have an outdoor ceremony without getting too close to nature if that is your preference. Then dine under the sky as the sun sets while the elevated height from the rooftop offers guests a wonderful view.

Mansions or Estates

Depending where you are located, there can be mansions and estates specifically for special events. In many cases, the upstairs rooms are reserved for the bridal party to use as the staging area to get ready. Instead of walking down the aisle, consider walking down the grand spiral staircase for a grand entrance.

Cottage Property

A large cottage property or cottage resort by the lake can be rented. Such a site is an escape from the busy world. Depending on the cottage, there can be many options on where to stage the ceremony. Each cottage is unique in style and some modern cottages rival mansions in size. Explore the many cottages available.


If you are lucky enough to live in a region with vineyards, there are vineyards that host events like weddings. The beautiful landscape and the wine making equipment all make for more interesting photos than the standard garden visit. No worries about running out of wine!

Bailey Parker Lee is editor of wedding hub Toronto Bridal Kit. For more tips, ideas and advice, visit http://www.torontobridalkit.com


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