Tips For Shopping For Wedding Day Essentials

By Joyce Evans

Getting married is a wonderful but hard time in your life. One of the last things you should be thinking about is what to give to friends and family as favors, bridal accessories for your wedding, or groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts. You will, however, want to thank your guests and wedding party to show how much you appreciate their help and friendship as you wed your true love. The following are a few suggestions:

Choosing uncommon gifts is a great way to say, thank you. Purchasing personalized bridesmaids gifts like a favorite scented spa product, a personalized handbag, or engraved jewelry adds a memorable touch to your present. You will be telling your friends that you were thinking about them while shopping. Giving bridesmaids jewelry pieces that are different for every person in the bridal party shows thoughtfulness over simply buying a bunch of the same items to give everybody.

Your matron or maid of honor has a special spot in the wedding party and in your heart as well. A personalized present like something imprinted with a private note will bring you both to tears. Music boxes, jewelry boxes, bracelets, and necklaces can all be inscribed to add touching sentiment to your gift.

Shopping For an engraved groomsman gift can be especially difficult. Generally, men aren't going to go for a gift that's sentimental. Usually, they like cooler things, but getting something for the groomsmen can be more of a challenge than others. Try to get gifts that are functional--something that they are actually going to use rather than things that are heavier on the side of emotion. That doesn't mean gifts for the groomsmen shouldn't have caring or connection, it just means that men appreciate a gift that's useful. Consider giving hand-made items to each groomsman. Put together coupon books that are redeemable for dinner at your house or a double date. You could also personalize polo shirts with the names of the groomsmen.

You will also need to get favors for wedding guests. Personalized wedding favors are a tradition that's expected, and you ought to provide something for each guest to bring home with them. Avoid outdated fruitcake packages and think of fun things that represent you as a couple or something useful people will enjoy. There's no real need to go way overboard on what you spend on favors, either. Something that's general, thoughtful, and small is just fine.

Buying wedding favors and bridal party gifts will be a lot more simple if you have an idea of what colors and type you want before you go shopping. Don't wait until you are completely overwhelmed by all of the choices available. More than anything else, resist the urge to browse! By sticking to the list that you prepared for your gifts for the bridal party and wedding favor needs, you're going to keep the costs down and leave with only the items you needed to purchase and complete your shopping on time.

Your wedding is a truly special day. Some self control and preparation will help you to avoid shopping at the last minute for gifts that won't mean as much. Shop wisely, stay with your list, and save your valuable time for much needed pampering and attention to details on your special day.

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