Tips For A Memorable Mother Of The Bride Speech

By: MR Bruno

If your daughter is about to get married you probably feel as if you are living in a whirlwind including planning, schedules, appointments, fittings, food tastings, flower selections, ceremony planning and invitations.

Just in case this is not enough to keep you busy, there is yet one more responsibility which is very important in making your daughter’s wedding day a memorable day full of love and family bonding.

That responsibility is the mother of the bride speech. Typically given toward the close of wedding day speech making, the mother of the bride has a unique and special opportunity to make a lasting impression on the reception guests. More importantly, your speech will launch the newlyweds into the orbit of their honeymoon and life together.

Here’s a few Tips For A Memorable Mother of the Bride Speech

The mother of the bride speech is given after the father of the groom toasts the bride. Depending on the size of the wedding, the order of speeches may not be adhered to so you will want to be ready when you get the signal that you are “on stage “

• First, you may want to tell a couple of short humorous stories about your daughter, how she introduced you to the groom, or an experience that you all shared such as a holiday or family outing.

• Welcome the groom into your family and tell him how happy you are that he married your daughter.

• Tell your daughter how special she is to you and that you are happy for her.

• You may want to mention the groom’s family and thank them for having such a wonderful son and being a source of love and family for your daughter.

• Thank anyone who has made a special contribution to the wedding, or traveled a long distance to be there

• Make your toast the newlyweds as a couple.

• Brevity and sincerity, with just the right touch of humor will engrave your words of love in the hearts of the bride and groom as well as your reception guests.

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