Setting Goals

By Eric Seidelman

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there." How many of us have fallen victim at one point or another to not setting goals? Unfortunately, it's a sad truth that most American's don't set any worthwhile goals. For the most part, people are content with just getting by and as a result, the goals they set do just enough to "get by". What if you made the decision to go a different route and set huge worthwhile goals? What would be possible for you and your life if all of sudden your goal in life was far greater than getting by? I'm not referring to "world peace" or "ending hunger", although those are absolutely worthy goals. It makes more sense to start a little closer to home. What about providing more than enough for you and your family? Giving back to your community? Setting up a quality after school program? Make $100,000 a year for the first time. It doesn't matter what your goal is, the point is…make one.

Harvard business school did a study years ago that followed a group of former students after graduation. They surveyed the students before graduation and multiple times after graduation over a long period of time. The research from this study showed that the 3 students who set goals were the ones who had accomplished the most by the end of the study. Of the group, 3 of the people became homeless and unemployed, and there was a drastic difference between the two groups of students.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Goals are the basis for all achievement. Without them, you are merely spinning your wheels with no real direction to go in. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, begin now to set goals, write them out, focus on them every day until you become passionate about achieving them. If you find it difficult to become passionate about the goals you've created for yourself… create new ones. Think BIG. Goals are meant to stretch the imagination, they are meant to go beyond what is reasonable and into what is incredible. If you are able to create big goals which you are passionate about, if you focus on these goals each and every day and if you take action that will move you in the direction of these goals, amazing things will start to happen. You will notice changes in your life. People around you will notice changes in you and the results in your life will show that. If you are satisfied "just getting by" in life, then maybe this article won't appeal to you. But if there is any area of your life which you feel could be better, then begin now to set some goals for yourself in that particular area of life.

Eric Seidelman is a successful home business entrepreneur. He has assisted hundreds of people achieve their personal and financial goals through a lucrative, inspiring and simple home business system.

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