A Review Of Jobs In Medicine

By Morgan Hamilton

We would usually think about doctors and nurses when we think about people who work in the field of medicine. However, jobs in medicine are not limited to nurses and doctors; there are other opportunities that can be found in the service area of health care. Some of these career options are administrative, and some can be super scientific like lab work or genetic research. Jobs in medicine can be enjoyable if you posses the personality and the training to go along with the work requirements.

If you want to work as a doctor, you have to undergo years of schooling and training from an accredited university. The normal requirement for this job includes four years of college work, four more years of medical school, and four to nine years of training under another doctor for an internship and residency. If you choose to specialize it will take you a few more years, depending on the field of your choice.

Jobs in medicine are numerous and well paid, some up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, but expect long work hours and a lot of debts in student loans to get the proper education. Nurses earn above the normal salary income, but this job requires a special personality and a lot of time on your feet.

Other possible positions include working in the hospital insurance department and in a clinic. You can also consider working as a technician that draws blood or collects specimens and samples of other bodily fluid for analysis. Jobs in medicine are certainly not for the faint hearted. The medical field is also a good job hunting ground for technicians who specialize in x-rays, CAT scans, and MRI.

You can also find peripheral jobs in medicine like repair technicians, janitors, lawn care, or even as a repair service specialist for the machines inside the hospital complex. You can also find a potential career in the hospital gift shop, or care for people in the hospital as a sitter, to help families take a necessary break away from a sick loved one.

You should consider your personality when you are considering any career path. To find success in any jobs in medicine, you have to be a compassionate and caring person. You’ll spend the majority of your time caring for sick people. If you are impatient and tend to be frustrated easily, jobs in medicine may not be the best work for you. On the other hand, if you want to spend your life caring and helping other people, choosing a profession in the field of medicine is a wise decision.

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