Relationship Advice: Surprises

By Annie Williams

Do you remember the smile you gave to your loved one the last time you gave him/her a surprise? Wasn’t it thrilling! For sure you would love to do that again. When you give a surprise to your loved ones you are sure to get an affectionate love surprise in return that could be a hug or a kiss. Spice up your boring life with a surprise; it brings excitement in your life. There is a kind of new life in you when you give or get surprises. Each one of us loves receiving surprises, we are just thrilled to get them and feel energetic.

Surprises nourish our relationships. A surprise may not necessarily be a big one. Little things in ones life lead to immense applauds. A small surprise may just do wonders in your relationship. For an example, you can arrange for play tickets which she/he really wanted to see or arrange to go to his/her favorite place when you have decided to spend time together. You can just get him/her a bouquet of flowers as a surprise to make your partner happy. You can even get him/her something which he/she always wanted; it could be the finest surprise you ever gave.

During a strained relationship you can make up for a quarrel by giving a surprise. Surprise revitalizes your relationship. There is complete reassurance of a happy unison. If ever you feel your relationship is getting dull and boring then surprise is the keyword to make it exhilarating as ever.

When the condition is grave and you are on a verge of a break off then you better take out time for yourself and plan out a trip to your favorite destination as a surprise for your partner to keep your relation intact.

When you plan to give a surprise to your loved one; think before you act. Just think, what are the possibilities that could make him or her happy? What are the things that make your partner glad, what actions of yours bring a smile on the face of your soul mate or to what destinations would he /she like to go with you. Plan out the surprise you want to give with a lot of care and consideration. A surprise should bring excitement; make sure not to repeat the surprises time and again. Actions repeated often get boring and monotonous. You have to be innovative in your ideas. Always plan something new and thrilling, something that brings life in you and your partner. Flavor your relationship with a surprise.

There are a number of ways to give surprises to your loved one. If you feel you really don’t have an interesting one in your mind, here are some ideas: If you are a good writer, or even if not, you can compose lines in praise of your sweetheart. Arrange for a dinner in the house and cook something special. Bake a cake on your lover’s birthday all by yourself. Buy an attractive dress. Plan a picnic to spend time together in company with the nature that enlivens yours, as well as anybody else’s, heart.

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