Putting Some Great Romance Into Your Marriage

By Caroline Silverstone

The truth about marriage is that in every single one, there are times when one spouse or the other or both take the other for granted and some of the magic shine of love is dulled for a time. In some marriages, that shine may disappear altogether, but in many the couple will work hard in order to make sure that the bond that brought them together is not severed but instead strengthened.

One way to make sure that your marriage can withstand the valleys is to really capitalize on the peaks. Never taking tomorrow for granted, and showing your spouse how important they are to you means throwing in a little bit of romance from time to time. The great thing about putting romance into the every day part of life that marriage can become is that it is much easier than it would seem; for most people, it’s just a little gesture that shows your partner that you care.


Everyone likes to be surprised, and in our day to day lives a nice romantic surprise from a significant other can really brighten up a day. Try sending flowers for no reason at all to a spouse; your wife will really appreciate them at work, particularly. There is nothing like being able to show off that arrangement to everyone else at the office. Wives might consider giving their husbands a bottle of wine or some kind of gift set for a surprise; remember, it never has to be anything big, just a small item that says you are thinking of your significant other.


Cards have become far too commercialized in recent years, and the result is that they are only bought- and at a high price- on designated days or occasions. Cards are appropriate at any time of year though, and are a great way to surprise your partner and remind him or her just how much they mean to you. It doesn’t have to be sentimental, it can just be a joke that reminds you of your spouse and that he or she will appreciate. It is romantic just to know that someone is thinking of you from time to time, and a surprise card will do just that.

Special Days

Every marriage has its share of special days, anniversaries and, foremost, birthdays. Too often, these days are regarded as mundane tasks that have to be remembered, and a lot of the romance is sucked out of them. Buck the trend, and really focus on what makes the day special to your spouse. Birthdays can be very tricky; it’s a good time to make sure that your significant other knows that the love you have for them only increases the more you get to know them and the longer you get to be together.

Be flexible

The biggest mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to romance is focusing on a plan and making sure it all goes exactly right; if it doesn’t, the whole endeavor is shot. This is not true. Romance is about the idea of the date; if the food turns out bad or the flowers aren’t the perfect arrangement, it doesn’t mean the idea is a bust. Real romance will find a way to laugh at the situation, pick up where it fell down, and make a new memory out of the debacle. Never focus too much on the tangibles of the event, but instead on the reason for the event in the first place.

All marriages go through low points, but it is there that the work put in during the effortless times will pay off the most, in the memories that we create.


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