Network Like A Pro With These 5 Simple Tips

By CareerMogul

It is said that it is who you know, not what you know, that matters most. While “what you know” is clearly important to landing a job, during a job search, “who you know” is important because other people and their connections could be the ticket to your next interview. So, assess your skills, experience and connections, and get ready to network.

Still not convinced it is necessary? Here are 5 reasons networking can speed up your job search.

#1. Find highly desired jobs that are unadvertised.

Getting to know people is a key way to find out about open positions in a company before the jobs are posted to job sites.

#2. Get referred for a job.

Candidates that are referred to hiring managers by someone who knows their work style have a greater chance of being hired than typical candidates. Referrals help them hone in on the outstanding candidates from the piles of resumes.

#3. Act as resource.

Be prepared to give as well as receive in a networking relationship. For example, send opportunities to people you know if you think they will be interested. Don't limit yourself to jobs since book signings, art openings, or fun runs are also appreciated based on other people's interests.

#4. Maintain a professional online profile.

Create a profile that goes beyond a resume and list of accomplishments. Hiring managers should get an idea of who you are and how you would fit into their company's culture.

#5. Build relationships.

The true mark of networking like a pro is to create a community that is not measured in how many people you can count in your network. For example, three to five strong connections with well-connected people can be better than 300-500 acquaintances. Where to start? Consider your soccer league, church or synagogue, trade associations, fraternity or sorority as places to begin.

The idea of networking is not new, but coupled with the advantages of powerful Web search tools, networking may open the doors to the companies and jobs you discover in your online research.

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