Looking For Mrs. Right

By Ovi Dogar

We all know that every man would like to say that he met his Mrs. Right. That special, perfect woman that every man dreams to have. But does this really exist? Or is it just in the imagination of many men on how she should be? This is the key subject for many men, hoping that in one day they will find her.

But isn't Mrs. Right looking for Mr. Right also? A young man, well educated, smart, good looking and in good shape is what she’s dreaming of. So, you should become Mr. Right to attract her. You should start by making a list with all your flaws because we all know that nobody is perfect. Take a long hard look to your list and ask yourself how flexible you are.

If you’re currently not attracting the kind of person you want in your life, perhaps it’s because you’re not the kind of person they’re attracted to? So if you want to attract your perfect match, become someone who is desirable.

Many of us are hoping that some day this special woman will come to us. But this is really wrong because someday you can find out that the woman you really like gets married. So you end up alone just because you’re looking for perfection.

If you meet someone who is almost like the Mrs. Right you dream of, start building an ideal relationship with her. You must consider that she's the one because maybe such a perfect woman as you wish doesn't really exist.

To not fail in your relationships; you must pay attention to two aspects: get clear on who she is and get clear on who you need to be. Don't start pushing her to be exactly how you would like your Mrs. Right to be. This will make her feel hurt. You know well that she's not exactly the girl in your dreams, probably has some flaws, but keep in mind that nobody is perfect.

Most men have a long list of the things they are expecting from a woman. But, in this world it is getting harder and harder to meet Mrs. Right. So, if you meet somebody you feel attracted to, you can try and see that you can find happiness with her.

It is true that all men would like to have the perfect woman that will trigger the envy of his friends but you can be proud with your woman even if she's not Mrs. Right. She can be very interesting, a wonderful woman, who if you don't know to properly appreciate her, you might lose her . She will be Mrs. Right for another guy.

To have an ideal relationship it is not enough your partner knows you very well and she makes only what she knows you'd like. It is very important to learn to love yourself. Giving and receiving love is the key of all the relationships. If you’re happy, and you love life then you will have so much more to give to others. You’ll become an exceptional person. Your life will be great.

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