How To Write Admission Essays

By Sharon White

So, the first thing you should do while writing an admission essay is to forget general rules for academic papers’ formats and research to support your essay. This is because an admission essay introduces you to an admission committee which does not know anything about you except your admission essay writing. They do not care of your knowledge about academic formats and they do not aim to evaluate your research skills. The only thing which might interest them is your way of thinking, analyzing, ideas and original writing.

The following things will help you to prepare for successful admission essay writing:

Think about your motivation (why do you want to study the subjects you have chosen? Why are you applying to this college/university?).

Think of your future skills and knowledge which you are going to gain in order to contribute this area of study (how are you going to develop the main idea of your study purpose? Do you have any plans for your future career? Can you see how you may contribute to the college/university during your study?).

Be ready to present your ideas originally; think of how you can start your admission essay in order to keep a reader’s interest in your writing up to the end (throw introduction rules away, do not summarize, start your essay with an original question which will draw attention of the admission committee).

Think of the topics you can develop from your admission essay (do remember you are going to study and research the topics that interest you for a few years; what topics may be interesting for research and can be developed from your ideas presented in admission essay?).

Think of bright and original vocabulary to be used in your essay (you will have to look different if you want to be approved).

While you are thinking about your personal statement development, please do not forget to sketch a preliminary list of topics you would like to research and study. It will help you to present a clearer and more perspective personal statement; and it will show the admission committee your idea of considerable contribution into college/university (do remember that a college/university reputation is the primary thing the admission committee care about).

If you have already thought of your original personal statement, perspective ideas, interests, contributions, future research and study topics, outlines and your vocabulary, then you are ready to write.

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