How To Touch Your Woman -- Smart Advice For Men

By Jessie Dingler

Touch is a critically important part of any relationship. Whether you're trying to move your relationship to the next level, ignite an old flame, or simply build her interest for you, men need to know how to touch a woman.

Sadly, men aren't born with this knowledge. Many wonder why their relationships aren't more successful, not knowing just how important touch is for most women. Knowing the right time, the right place, and the right way to touch your woman can mean a world of difference in how she feels about YOU.

And touching doesn't always need to be serious. Keeping things light-hearted and fun can enrich both your lives tremendously.

Here are some tips I've learned in many years as a therapist, author, and in extensive interviews with women:

1. Touching your woman is also about touching her heart. A genuine smile (naughty or nice) along with sincere acknowledgments and compliments can create an immediate attraction to you.

2. Have fun with touch! Make it a game or light hearted challenge for yourself to find what touch she wants and how you want to touch her.

3. Run your fingers up and down her spinal area, top to bottom. You'll wake up nerves running through her whole body. Many woman like being touched in spots that are uniquely feminine such as caressing down both sides of her body to define her figure.

4. Touch her as though there is nothing else in the world but the two of you together for that period of time.

Touch is one of the most powerful ways of being intimate with your woman. It lets her know you want her and she's important to you.

Appropriate touch and timing leads to sex for many women. You could say that almost any touch you give her is foreplay. So, stimulate her libido! Don't be surprised if she returns the touch right back to you - a move most men find highly enjoyable and rewarding.

There are scientific reasons why touch is so important to all of us and a great activity to promote health and well being. Touch for both men and women releases endorphins and stimulates oxytocin. This often decreases stress and pain, while increasing her affection and sexual response.

Hollywood has convinced us that how a person LOOKS determines how attractive they are to others, but that's only part of the story. Touch is an immensely powerful and often overlooked factor, especially for women.

Something about your woman makes you want to be with her - so go ahead and touch!

Flirt outrageously with your touch. Eventually you'll be the ultimate "touch your woman" man. Its a win-win situation for both of you.

Jessie Dingler is author of the new DVD "How To Touch Your Woman - Ignite Her Desire For You!" Made for men and women, the fun, light-hearted DVD gives you more tips and demonstrations of how to touch your woman the way she always hoped you would. Get the DVD at

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