Golf Putt - Posture Secrets

By Aidan J Sugrue

One of the quickest ways to improve your putting game is to improve your posture. Jack Nicklaus was the first great golfer who made it popular to put your eyes directly over the ball when you are putting. This is very hard to do for many golfers so it has been suggested that a small mirror can be placed on the green and your golf ball can then be placed right on top of the mirror.

Eyes over the ball - To see if your eyes are indeed over the ball, stand in such a way that you can actually see your own eyes in the mirror. If you can't see your own eyes, then you need to adjust your posture. A simpler method might be to let your putter hang from between your eyes and then make sure the club extends down directly over your golf ball. These techniques are great for getting the proper stance and alignment to the hole.

Placement of Your Feet - In terms of posture, it is also important to think about the way you place your feet and how you hold your body. If you typically miss your putts to the right, you may be standing too close to the ball. If you are missing to the left, you may be standing too far from the ball. These are not hard and fast rules, but they are something to consider when you are adjusting your posture.

Shoulders Over Hands - Your foot position will also effect the way your hands are hanging down from your shoulders. It is usually best if your hands are hanging directly beneath your shoulders. This will typically create a smoother stroke and a better direction on the ball. The most important consideration, however, is to keep your head and your body very still as you putt. You only need to move your arms and your hands. Nothing else!

Relax and Enjoy - Finally, it's important not to get too caught up with the mechanics of your putting. Some people will insist on certain grips that will supposedly be better than others. Finding a grip that is comfortable to you and experimenting with the various postures will eventually give you a stance that is right for you. Consider the basic techniques for improved posture and then settle into a stance that is most comfortable.

Stick with What Works for You - Once you determine that successful stance, go ahead and stick with it even when you have a bad day. Practice it until it becomes perfect. Too many golfers become overly concerned with each specific detail of their stance, changing things every week and never really settling in to a relaxed posture. Don't forget that a general relaxation and enjoyment of the game is paramount to having a successful swing and a low score. You have to have fun out there in order to truly enjoy the game!

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