Golf Apparel – More Than Just Looking Good

By Darlene Berkel

Clothing is important, but just because you look like a pro golfer, it does not mean that you will suddenly be ready to compete with the pros. In some ways, however, it can help your game. Proper apparel can make you look better, and make other golfers take you more seriously. It can also make the walk between holes easier, and provide you with better grounding when it comes to putting on the greens.

Golf shoes tend to have spikes on the bottom of the soles to help you maintain a good stance – they are designed for utility, but they are usually attractive as well, and some of them are fashionable enough to wear outside on a day to day basis, as well as keeping a pair for on the golf course.

Look Like A Pro With The Right Golf Apparel

Fashionable golfers look great as they tee up for the first time if they come out in the best apparel available. Many golfers wear short sleeved shirts with a collar in warmer weather, but the most fashionable golfers include colorful short sleeved shirts as part of their golf apparel. Other golfers wear shirts with long sleeves covered with a vest that complements. Apparel for the golf course often includes a fine jacket in case the weather is chilly or a bit of rain appears from over the horizon.

Different courses have different requirements, but typically, acceptable golf apparel will include either long or short pants, depending on how formal the course is, along with a smart, co-ordinated top that is comfortable for the time of year, but will not get in the way of your swing. If you are unsure of the tone of the course, it is wise to speak with other golfers to avoid embarrassment.

Gloves For Comfort and Grip

Most serious golfers use gloves to ensure a good grip on their clubs. Some golfers keep a variety of gloves that will co-ordinate with the rest of their outfits. That part is not essential, but you can be sure that gloves will make a big difference to the final score – especially on days when the weather is less than perfect. Gloves are especially helpful on wet days, but are always worth it for a little extra grip and help a lot with comfort.

To conclude, you can tell a fashionable golfer by their gear, and a great golfer by their game – the golfers that fall into both categories pick high quality gear that gives you grip, and comfort, and that looks good with the rest of their golf apparel.

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