Golf – Fundamentals Are The Foundation

By Jeff O`Brien

Concentrate on the Fundamentals.

As a beginner, you must attempt to stay away from everything except the basics of the golf grip, stance and swing.

Building a good solid foundation from which to work off of is a must.

The specialty or more intricate refinements of the golf swing should be attempted only when you feel that you are playing a satisfactory game on a regular basis.

You will be just as confused by the more advanced techniques when you accomplish this as you would be now, however, by that time you will have the skill to adapt some of these for more difficult moves.

The only hard and fast rule to golf is the score at the end after you have holed out.

The United States Golf Association is the final authority on any rules involved in playing the game here.

While you are not required to memorize the rules of golf, keep a copy of them in your golf bag, and become at least familiar with them - this will help you immensely in playing this game.

Your goal will be to develop a game which you can enjoy playing due to the results of your work.

While principles and advice can correct a procedure, the game you ultimately play will be of your own production.

Another goal will be to improve your game enough to simply "get away with it", meaning to be able to at least play the game.

The main aim of playing golf, which is a game of near misses, is to keep the errors to a minimum.

Utilizing every bit of your talent allows you to avoid trouble by thinking, excellent nerve control and careful planning.

Don't allow anything to cause you to lose your cool in golf. From the size and difficulty of the course to strong winds, it is important to remain cool at all times.

A golf game that is successful must start with knowing how to swing the club and hit the ball. Without these two fundamentals you can't even begin to claim to know how to play!

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