Ghostwriting Rates

By Allison Nazarian

Ghostwriting rates. They’re all over the place. But should they be? The answer is firm: It all depends. Most people seeking out a ghostwriter first want to know what ghostwriting rates they should expect to pay.

Ghostwriting rates vary – wildly – because the writing itself requires a wide variety of skills. It includes not just writing talent, but also the ability to communicate and work together and to just about adopt the persona of your client. This collaborative process will usually start with a series of interviews between writer and client.

Other ghostwriting rate variables concern the medium. Is the writer creating a book, an article, a website, a newsletter, advertorial, blog or whatever?

When checking on ghostwriting rates, think too about frequency. Ghostwriting an article or website might be a one-time thing. Writing a blog might be a one-time only event, but really shouldn’t be, since blogs should be updated regularly – sometimes even daily. So frequency will absolutely affect ghostwriting rates.

Writing a book is another thing altogether. Ghostwriting rates for books will be all over the place. Writing a book can take a few months or even a few years. Sometimes the ghostwriting rate can include added assistance – like helping find an agent or publisher, so again there will be a wide variance in the ghostwriting rate charged. Any added services should be spelled out in your contract with the writer.

Three final hints regarding ghostwriting rates:

• Your clients should provide thorough notes and a detailed outline.

• Your client may request one free round of changes on the spelling and grammar of the completed work. Extra changes and new pages should be charged at your basic editorial costs.

• When the project is completed, all rights to the work then belong exclusively to the client.

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