Exercise Could Enhance The Sex Lives Of Men

By Mark Goodworthy

There are many sexual problems that haunt men. Many men experience early ejaculation, sooner than they or their partners want to. If it happens occasionally, then it should not be a cause for worry. But when premature ejaculation happens in more than fifty percent of men’s sexual intercourse, or even before or halfway through, then it is a sexual condition common to most men, premature ejaculation, early ejaculation or premature climax.

The condition was first thought to be a psychological problem. But thorough research proved that some forms of premature ejaculation are genetic. It is commonly experienced by around 25% to 40% of men. It is usually characterized by an involuntary control of ejaculation probably due to erectile dysfunction. However, although premature ejaculation can be treated, most men feel embarrassed to acknowledge the problem. They refuse to see the doctor for treatment.

There are studies showing that premature ejaculation has something to do with the neurological responses of the pelvic muscles, when it is abnormally fast than normal. For this type of premature ejaculation, sex therapists’ advice is to do simple exercise. Any form of exercise will improve the ejaculatory control of men suffering from the condition which is caused primarily by neurological factors. Exercise could enhance the sex lives of men. Apart from this, treatment includes anti-anxiety medications. There are also local anesthetic creams that could be effectively used; however, sex therapists do not recommend this. It could reduce the sensation of the man’s partner.

Psychological factors can contribute to the problem. The emotional well-being of the person, like depression, stress and lack of confidence can cause premature ejaculation. Even the relationship between partners can be a factor. Hurt feelings, lack or communication, unresolved conflicts shakes off the intimacy of two people. The man’s partner has a very vital role in overcoming premature ejaculation. There is a need for emotional support and understanding. Open communication and sensitivity could be very helpful in cases like this.

Hypnosis, a form of relaxation, extreme suggestibility and imagination in a trance state has been proven to be effective in treating premature ejaculation. In hypnosis, there is complete focus on a particular subject. Ejaculation is believed to be a subconscious habit; hypnosis enables it to give the mind suggestions to make it last longer. Though it may not completely cure the problem, most reports shows a dramatic improvement in men’s sex lives after few hypnotic sessions.

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