Clever Healthy Ways To Make Your Dog Like His Food

By Moses Wright

It is funny to realize that there are a lot of dog owners out there who find it a challenge and definitely a major headache to feed their dog everyday. Like coaxing their kids to eat their food, an overly pampered dog also needs coaxing before he'll eat up his food.

Most commercial dog food is unpalatable to dogs because they have relatively low fat contents, which dogs hate. Adding some bribes like a little egg, a spoonful of cottage cheese or a dab of peanut butter might help on most days, but these bribes are fatty in nature and would add to the calories of your dog diet and make him fat in the long run.

There are many clever healthy ways to make your dog like his food and this article will pretty much reveal them:

1. Adding a new texture – Frozen green beans or baby carrots will add a new texture to your dog’s food and add a different crunch to your dog’s food as well as a different flavor. Baby carrots have sugar content, and its sweet flavor will appeal to most dogs, but don’t worry about your dog having too much sugar in his diet as the sugar content is minimal and will not affect his health in any way. As dogs have difficulty digesting uncooked whole carrots, they will even add roughage without adding calories.

You can also consider using other fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, as they would also work in the same manner. For example, canned pumpkin, without any spices, can also be added to your dog's food to make it more appealing.

2. Warming the food – Like humans, most dogs prefer their food to be warm. Many dogs dislike the texture of dry commercial dog food and the feeling of cold food at room temperature. To help warm your dog food, you can add some water or low fat chicken or vegetable broth to his food to add moisture content (or to replace the moisture being lost) and then warm it in the microwave. This method is healthy, as liquid will not add calories to your dog’s diet but will help make the food taste better and encourage him to eat.

These are two of the most easy and healthy ways to make your dog's food taste better. Take note that there are many reasons for a dog to refuse his food, he might be fighting a dominance battle for control, or he might just be sick and suffering from mouth disorder problems. If food refusals happen suddenly, even when his favorite food is fed, health problems are very likely and a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

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