The Boing Effect; How Important It Is To Find The Perfect Sports Bra

By Sally Hart

You were teased back in 8th grade, they were awesome in high school, and now that you’re 30, you find that you have to reprimand your friendly co-workers at least once a week for the comments they make about them. Let’s face it; you’ve got one voluptuous set of breasts, and despite all the attention, you can’t help but notice that they just get in your way, a lot, and even more so since you’ve joined the gym. Unfortunately, you love the warm-up you get when you run on the treadmill for 15 minutes. A couple weeks in, you begin to notice all the attention you’re attracting from the row of men doing curls directly in front of the stretch of treadmills. “Funny…” you think to yourself, as you realize that the men are now facing you instead of the mirror.

Finding the perfect sports bra can sometimes become a workout in itself. Whether you’re doing jumping jacks in the middle of an aerobics class or just out for a bike ride it is important to be properly supported. There are endless amounts of bras to choose from, but it is essential to keep in mind some of the following factors when purchasing a sports bra:


Cross-back straps will allow for a wider range in motion. If you’re heading to the field for a game of baseball, basketball, or maybe some leisurely tennis, keep in mind that you’ll be using your arms to their full extent and will require free movement of your shoulders. The next thing to consider in your choice of straps is whether or not they dig into your shoulders; a situation that is controlled by both the size of your breasts and the size of the sports bra. Finding the perfect style and size for you will minimize the dig-in effect while controlling the bounce during workouts.


You want to find a material that doesn’t cling, regardless of sweat or humidity. Sometimes the outer clothing will cling to a bra made with poor quality fabric as well, so finding a high-grade sports bra will limit this. Occasionally, there will be a special lining made of different fabric which might be an added bonus to your bra’s cling, durability, and resistance to bounce.


Some women enjoy the benefit they gain from the added support of an under-wire, while others despise the way it feels when a wire that should be there for support suddenly jabs them the wrong way in the right rib. Wiring in a bra will actually have more effect on shaping the breast rather than supporting it because quality fabric, lining, and design of the bra contribute most towards support of the breast.

For women with smaller breasts, choosing the proper sports bra can be a much easier task because they will have fewer concerns about support and style than women who have larger breasts. Of course, women with larger breasts may have a general concern about back pain whereas smaller breasted women are unlikely to experience back pain due to the size of their breasts. Luckily, sports bras are designed in many different styles so that women of all ages and sizes can enjoy athletic activities without having to worry about what they look like or how their body feels.

Sally Hart is a sports buff dedicated to helping women find the ideal fitness apparel and sporting equipment. Her primary interest is in helping women find the perfect sports bra for all occasions.

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