The Humor Lab, based in New York City, is the Internet's largest e-mail humor business and is leveraging its large membership base to become a dominant player in the e-mail direct marketing arena. It's flagship site, Joke-Of-The-Day.com currently has a growth rate of 15%-20% per month. This membership base can be targeted "one-to-one", providing direct marketers with extraordinarily effective e-mail campaigns.

The Humor Lab is the pioneering service that has commercialized the human tendency of passing jokes from person to person.

The Humor Lab's objective is to build the world's largest e-mail membership base using humor as its vehicle.

Each morning, subscribers receive the joke via e-mail, including direct response offers and interactive features which direct them to one of our websites . Forwarding these e-mails to friends, colleagues, and relatives is the primary vehicle to achieve a level of 30,000,000 impressions per month. This "word of mouse" or "viral marketing" works best with humor content. Jokes leave a positive impression, are well received, and are commonly used to keep in touch.